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NBA Live Mobile -  What You Need to Know About the New User Interface


NBA Live Mobile Season 2 comes with a series of changes including a user interface update. The main screen (or home screen) now has multiple panels. The top one is practically the same. On the left upper corner, players will see the main menu button represented by an icon with three horizontal dashes. Next to it, there is the total team OVR and player's level. The stamina bar comes next. It's a blue bar above which players will also see the exact number of stamina they have. Next to the stamina bar, the number of owned coins is displayed. Reputation and NBA cash come next. The last three elements are the inbox, the store, and the home button. This last button is used to exit the current screen and to bring players to the home screen. 

Tapping the main menu button will reveal familiar options such as live events, head to head, season, leagues, my team, achievements, sets, and auctions. It's worth mentioning that players need to achieve level 11 to gain access to the auction house. 

The biggest change comes from the middle section that used to display live events or head to head maps. Now it has several buttons. The biggest one is the Store button. Tapping it will open the in-game store from which player can buy packs. Under the Store button, the Objectives button is found. Tapping it will reveal the objectives list. The middle side has My Team and Live Events panels. My Team will bring out the My Team screen from which players can customize their teams. The Live Events button opens the live events map. The right section has four buttons: head to head, leagues, season, and store. Tapping on one will bring out the associated game mode. Players will notice that the main menu button changes into a back button when another screen is selected. When the is happening, players can use the drag panel to reveal the main menu.   

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